How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website ranges from free (ish) as in DIY to Literally Billions of dollars...

Nearly every website is entirely unique.

The first thing through nearly anyones mind is:
"How much is a website going to cost?"

What goes into the cost of building a website is largely time based. Whether it's writing text (like I'm doing now!)  or setting up the hosting, building forms, programming, engineering for search optimization and lots of fun "configuring" the various software that runs behind the site. One way or another, someone needs to map out the site and plan the content and create the structure supporting that.

OK, so how much for my website?

We get the Makers

We get makers because we are makers!

We need hands on

User experience guides our design ethos.

Precision Build

Attention to detail...

Finesse in finish makes a notable difference.

Good Website =

Bad Website =

One of the largest factors in the cost of building your website is how much time you wish to invest. If you are interested in learning the structures that build web pages or already know this, it makes a huge difference in the true cost of DIY (do it yourself) project management.

Then there are more detailed considerations that ultimately build not "just a website" but one that meets your real needs and matches the needs of a targeted audience.

In order to estimate this we need to know what YOU have in mind in terms the project and end results sought. Any numbers you ”find” prior to having that discussion are to some degree made up. If you have a developed creative and technical familiarity then a bottom line services cost may be all you require and we're eager to help with that.

In nearly all cases it's a huge benefit to engage in a “StormDesigns BrainStorm” session to develop ideas together and get a strong concept of what your website can be. Currently we are offering no-cost, no-obligation sessions for qualified clients. In your “StormDesign BrainStorm” we will define your project and create a framework together that gets you where you should be in terms of results, budget, timeline and technical framework.

We‘re very eager to learn about your website project and how it will enhance your business. Please contact us.

*The BrainStorm is offered as a no-cost, no-obligation technical consultation for a limited time and with limited availability. Please contact us before this offer expires. More info.

The numerous activities required for the overall task of building a website need to factor numerous details. The activities range from the fundamental setting up of the hosted environment or environments to the development of the content (photos, text, audio, video, apps) and configuration of various form or other interactive elements within your website.

It can be useful to consider your project in large and small details created to target specific market niches with various digital assets.

By assets we‘re suggesting your website as well as all of the tools we can use to generate traffic to your website and further engage with them once on your website.

This isn't to suggest that businesses need to do everything at once, not at all. In fact, unless there is a large amount of central coordination there are benefits to developing these assets one at a time beginning with the website. When we collaborate in a StormDesigns BrainStorm we will confirm that we understand what you want to accomplish and work from there to the next steps which will move us in that direction. Please contact us any time to set a time for your custom tailored, business-focused digital marketing powered StormDesigns BrainStorm.

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