Website Requirements

What does a website need to have?

It has to have words and images that helps visitors recognize they have found what they were seeking. This is usually the first way to attract people and to confirm they are where they want to be.

Bottom line though is it needs to be INTERESTING. Site content benefits from a layered construction that engages visitors and compels SEO engagement at the same time. It needs to provide answers and where possible entertain. If you can make visitors smile and laugh*, bonus points!

Is it time for ”The Talk”? Has your website been stagnant for too long? Do you know what you want your website to be but it's not there yet? With more than a decade of design, development and hosting in numerous platforms we are looking to be your creative technical projects partner. We can help you get more from your website and any related digital marketing.

Design: We build everything with a foundation of the website design and user experience. Everything else follows suit to that.

Development: We deliver a broad experience range that understands how design must be technically expressed and supported. We develop to express the design, not merely to complete it.

Hosting: StormDesigns uses a network of lightning fast Solid State servers to provide unparalleled uptime and speed. Both of which are critical to your projects success.

Ready for “The Talk”?

A website needs to do a lot - we’re here to help.

Putting together a website plan means focusing on ther big picture and small details at the same time. It's not for everyone. Trust our extensive experience to guide you through the process of assembling everything you need to provide a solid website experience for visitors and bottom line benefits for your business.

We rely on design that makes visitors feel informed and makes it easier to contact you. If you're making changes to your website and want more options and a strategy call please reach out. We want to BrainStorm with you!

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