How We Work

Our Focus is your customers

Think of StormDesigns as your client advocates. If there are people looking for you, your business, product, services we want to help you to be there when they need you. We want the experience for them to be expectations met (as in, on a website) and comfort kept. We work with you to help define who they are, what they expect and how we can be all of that plus.

How to do that? Design.









We think Big Picture and the Little Details

Our customer service experience design enables us to manage your marketing technology and make it easy to keep everything moving. Years of client-facing experience affect every interaction. Our goal is to make all of this tech-stuff easy to understand and manage. Our clients seem to appreciate how clear language and simple models make it easy to understand what you want to about your projects.

Good Design =

Bad Design =

Through a process of shared BrainStorm we will develop a personae for your customers and various other tools as required to learn about them and what they are seeking. This means knowing the language they are seeking.

The Goals of our BrainStorm

  • Determine how we can best benefit your needs.
  • Learn about your business
  • Share technology ideas and success models
  • develop one or more personae for visual language targeting
  • Create an energizing plan of action
  • Execute on that plan.

Ready To Start?


Our mission? Create positive connections that do good things.