AI and Media Design

Sensible use of AI in Design

If used for good AI has potential to improve life for everyone and the entire planet.

As a digital media design concern, we take current and pending developments in AI (Artificial Intelligence) very seriously. We recognize AI as a powerful technology with the potential to achieve important milestones but also present significant challenges.

The real impact of AI is our greatest concern. According to some measures and predicted by Moore's Law of machine intelligence, once machines become as "smart" as humans, they are about 8 months away from being twice as smart, and their growth is exponential. Based on that, within a mere 5 years, machines could be 256 times as smart as humans. Within a decade, they could be so advanced compared to us that the numbers become mind-boggling. Seriously.

In just a few years, they may perceive us as a silly "lower life form." How they will handle that depends on numerous factors that are difficult to consider, but based on our experience with human nature, we understand the concerns.

So why are we venturing into the AI space if it concerns us so much? Partly because it is inevitable, and we have no direct control over it. Moreover, we need to stay on top of this technology in order to understand its development. We owe it to each other to comprehend, implement, and demonstrate the benefits of this thinking technology. As we intend to use it solely for positive interactions, we strive to take a leading role in that direction.

Our first steps will involve integrating AI chat dialogue into the creative process to explore how its randomization can assist brainstorming. From there, we will observe and evaluate the progress, always striving to be on the right side of technology while being mindful of its disruptive potential

Using the most powerful technology for Good

Good AI =

Bad AI =

Good AI

In global terms there are many things humans haven't figured out that AI may be able to help us with. Some examples include:

  • Climate Change
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Disease mitigation
  • Mental Health
  • Increasing disparity of wealth
  • Space Travel
  • Allow humans to fulfill more creative roles
  • Governmental Systems and rules

Bad AI

Yet trusting all humans and organizations to not exploit it for selfish or paranoid usage weighs heavy on our mind. AI Can be focused by bad people on bad behavior such as:

  • Hacking
  • Warfare
  • Cyber warfare
  • Take jobs away from humans who need work
  • Psychological or physical abuse

We want to make sure we stay on the side of demonstrating it's creative potential while doing so will inform us on it's potential and techniques for abuse. The point is to stay connected and not be naive. We're interested in having the AI conversation with clients both new and existing. If you want to have that talk, please let us know.

Using AI to make good connections

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