StormPress! is HERE!

If you’re seeking a self-directed site the new cost-effective alternative to DIY is our StormPress managed blogware. All the freedom and flexibility of WordPress in a managed solution that features a hands-on one to one intro to the software and specifically to features that would interest YOU.

What people love about CMS systems (CMS = content management system) is how they allow business people to add, edit and delete materials from their own websites without delay or getting assistance from designers and developers. The truth, however is not so simple. Managing a CMS online requires paying attention. A static site is generally safe from virus’ exploits and malware. Any CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, nuke etc.) needs to be maintained to avoid problems. While we can’t guarantee that everything done to a site will remain compatible for eternity, we help first by guiding clients through the basics of maintaining their StormPress to keep it virus free and running smoothly. You’re not on your own and our primary goal is ALWAYS  your success.

So … No need to go it alone or hire expensive developers to manage a solution for you. Go StormPress and get busy.

What would you like on your WordPress?

Will this be pickup or delivery?

The great thing about WordPress blogs is the power they give YOU to manage your own website. With little understanding of how internet technology like “HTML, PHP etc.” you can add pages, upload graphics and even interact with visitors to your site. Additionally there are virtually limitless plug-ins and templates which can be added to customize your site. Many of these are available at no cost* or are priced to be very accessible. The only pitfall of managing your own WordPress™ site is that (sigh) there ie that “technical” aspect to it. The StormPress hosting and support package is there to help you keep your site up-to-date. Beside various available plug-ins and technologies that can affect your site, outdated software can be a security risk or make the site unusable.

StormPress means “managed” WordPress services that simplify WordPress management for your business or organization. Contact StormDesigns and let us know what you had in mind regarding a WordPress, StormCart or whatever business you need to brainStorm about.

Welcome to StormPress

& Welcome to a new simple idea. When the people first came to wordpress, they came to see a new world of web services and data communication, but many wanted to keep it simple. They didn’t want to learn about version control updates, but would rather build content and add value to their websites. To you, StormPress means “Managed WordPress services”. Why go it alone on your journey into simple, fast, easy website publishing? StormPress by StormDesigns. Managed services for business owners and managers to help you focus on your business.

Our mission is to see you focused on building content for your site, not “getting it to work”, Leave that (annoying) stuff to us. (been there, done that!)