Online Shopping Carts for business

The StormCart © online retail hub can be your solution to selling direct online in YOUR store. StormCart is a managed solution that provides your business with STRONG tools to connect to your market and make money directly through your website. In addition to excellent services directly within the shopping cart StormCart features email campaign management, connections to a broad variety of merchant gateways and much more. Don't settle for a stripped down set of services offered through a third-party shopping experience. Build a customer base that belongs to you and your business only!

Professional Marketing Tools include:


  • Product and Category Management
  • Slideshow, Carousel and Banners!
  • Image management and multiple product images
  • Feature and Option upgrade systems
  • Cross-Promote different products
  • Add misc. website content
  • Tools for sales and marketing review
  • Inventory management
  • Mail promotions
  • Coupons
  • Special Pricing for selected groups or wholesale
  • Allows customer reviews*
  • Connects to PayPal and other merchant systems
  • Connects to popular shipment gateways

Built, Hosted, Supported! - StormCart!


Example of the StormCart Online Shopping Cart and eCommerce system

Shopping carts are not like standard "flat" websites. There is considerable complexity and supporting them requires diligence and adaptation. That's why our hosted solution works for the businesses who don't want to get bogged down with the technicalities of "assuring the socket layer is in place and functioning correctly" or that "the DNS is not currently supported" etc.

StormDesigns provides a complete hosted solution which means you are able to focus on following up to product orders, loading and detailing new products and the things which are more essential to your business. You know technology always has that learning curve and that "Whoops! there's a need for immediate attention!" When required StormDesigns is there to provide it. Also by allowing the design, build and hosting to all be handled within there is no finger pointing. We made it, we can modify it!

Payment Modules** Include: (For Visa, MasterCard, AmMerican Express and Discover Cards) and PayPal (standard and pro) Bank Transfer, Check, COD, LIQPAY, Moneybookers, NoChex, Paymate, Paypoint, Payza, SagePay, 2Checkout, WPS amd Worldpay.Other merchant systems may feature their own systems, some which can be "plugged into" StormCart, subject to review.

Shipping Modules Include:

USPS, UPS, Fedex,

A decade of Strong Hosting experience


Simple, Fast, Cost-Effective.

The StormCart platform is hosted on the StormForce hosting platform known for reliability and high speed. No matter how popular your store becomes the StormForce hosting platform (a unix based provider) is able to dish out products and take orders tirelessly – 24/7/365!

Additionally we can customize the platform in numerous ways to suit your individual tastes and requirements. Because this is a dedicated domain and cart we can make individual and unique medications to both the style and core functionality of the cart. StormCart is based on an open source platform which allows unlimited expandability as well as a thriving market for templates and add-ons. But it gets better still. Maybe you have an idea for the your shopping cart that is unique to your business? Perhaps a completely unique concept? StormDesigns can provide limitless customizations to the platform. You dream up the store you want and we can build it, or you can take advantage of the already feature rich package and simple, clean storefront layout. It's YOUR store. is a preferred "merchant gateway" system which will allow your StormCart to process credit cards easily and directly. There are costs associated with establishing an account that are not required should you choose to use a service like Paypal but there are different benefits and weaknesses each system has. Don't be confused though, you can call your StormDesigns creative assistant and we'll be happy to help you decide which setup will work best for you and your business. To sign up on you can click the graphic above or right here.

Contact us today to find out how the feature rich StormCart platform will let you take your business to the world faster and easier than any other method available.

**StormDesigns nor StormCart can be held liable for performance of plug-ins provided for the stormcart installations as these are managed by manks and other entities hired by your business. We are solely liable for entering data provided directly by customers or their agents into supplied modules.